Step into the ring with us as we go all out with an ultimate Byte Battle Ladder Tournament, Fantasy Console Competitions, DJ Sets and more on September 25th/26th, 2021

CMUCC is proud to announce our eleventh-annual event… Demosplash 2021! Due to continued uncertainty regarding ongoing campus protocols related to mitigation of COVID-19, it is not yet known whether Demosplash 2021 might be able to have an in-person component. Don’t worry, though! Our friends at SceneSat will be streaming the whole event live either way. …

With the kind blessing of the fabulous X-party organizers, we’re bringing you another online event on the weekend when #x-2021 would have taken place. While we cannot replace a real x-party experience, we’re sure hoping to provide more than a band-aid to help you spend the weekend with sceners and demos online.